Vision, mission & values

Our vision

The LitFest will be a destination for quality cultural offerings for everyone here in Clevedon, for our visitors, and for the residents of North Somerset and Bristol.

Enhancing and enriching our community, bringing a greater sense of connection and belonging, as well as individual wellbeing.

Our mission

An annual programme for the people of Clevedon, North Somerset and Bristol.

Reaching out to those who may feel culturally disenfranchised.

Promoting activities that challenge, inform and entertain.

Partnering with local arts organisations, groups and businesses.

Developing a pride of place.

Our values


  • we aim to foster local, grassroots talent and local art by bringing creative people together


  • we work cooperatively and, wherever possible, we work with local partners to support local businesses

Promoting wellbeing

  • we work to promote the wider wellbeing of our community, supporting the environment that nourishes us


  • by connecting people and stimulating discussion and reflection, we promote understanding of the wider themes and concerns throughout society
  • we are sensitive to difference and diversity; including intersecting identities of race, creed, age, social status, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability and advantage


  • we are courageous in our work, aiming for a programme that both challenges and entertains, contributing to the cultural legacy of the town and the surrounding area
  • the content of our events may, inevitably, be political. However, we are not aligned with any party-political views


  • we are committed to a sustainable future for our programme, our community, our town and our planet